SBS 2003 Migration to a new server

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SBS 2003 Migration to a new server

I have an existing 2003 Microsoft Small Business Server SBS that I need to migrate to a new server. I understand you can only have 1 SBS server in a domain. SBS is a seperate install after you install Windows 2003 Server. Can anyone confirm if this process works?

1. Install Windows 2003 from the SBS installation CD. Stop before starting the SBS portion of the install.
2. Join the new server to the existing SBS domain. Transfer the server roles to the new server.
3. Demote the existing SBS 2003 server to remove it from the domain.
4. Continue the SBS installation on the new server.

I believe I have done this before but I don't recall for sure if this was how the process works. Can anyone please confirm if this process does work.