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I had prepared a big response for you, but after looking at your initial post and looking at gechurch's response, I can't in good conscience give you anything more than what gechurch said. You're digging yourself an IT grave if you try to take this on without help, man. At best, you can google through it and get it running, but you run a lot of risk. Is your boss going to be sympathetic when he cannot email anyone, because you were blacklisted as spammers when you didn't secure your exchange server? Is he going to be happy when the students cannot log in one day because your domain authentication is broken? What happens when a power outage kills the entire domain? Did you buy battery backup units, and put in place a plan for a complete restore of business operations in the event of a catastrophic failure? What about antivirus software? Is your network even capable of handling 80 students at once? Did you get a business class router, or did you get a $50 linksys from the local office supply store?

Seriously, your post is like saying, "My boss bought a 747 so that we can fly all 80 of his family members to Europe. I have never flown a plane at all but I saw one on TV. Can someone give me a guide on how to fly it?"

Not trying to be mean to you, I'm just trying to explain the level of how far out of your depth you are here.