Server 2003 password issues

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Server 2003 password issues

I loaded the server with a copy of windows server 2003 which I streamlined with service pack 3
Started to enter computers in Active Directory but when I tried to enforce a simple password so as students can access server
Windows would not allow me to use a non-complex password
I went through the usual process of making passwords non-complex, but windows will not allow me to
So I tried to use complex passwords, but now even those are not accepted
I am starting to think maybe the new service pack has something to do with it
Any suggestions would be most welcome
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Service Pack 3?

I show only SP2 available to the general public.

In any event, use of password complexity is Not enforced by default in Windows Server 2003. you have to set the policy by using the default domain group policy.

The password filter used to enforce password complexity is Passfilt.dll. Though possible but not probably, this dynamic link library file could have been corrupted.