Server 2003 x86 to Server 2008 x64 Migration

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Server 2003 x86 to Server 2008 x64 Migration

Need Some urgent help here. In a couple of weeks we will be performing an upgrade from server 2003 to server 2008. Currently we have 2 servers running WinServer 2003 x86, one is the "primary" domain controller, and the other is a backup domain controller. I need to upgrade these both to Server 2008 x64 (using the same hardware). Now I know I need to do a clean install of Server 2008. So here are my plans. Make sure the backup server is up and running and authenticating people properly. Then I will take down the primary server, **** it away, install Win Server 2008 x64, add it to the domain, make it the primary domain controller, make sure the AD is replicated to it. Then I can take down the other server and upgrade it.

This is a very basic plan. here is where the help is needed. 1)is this correct 2)what are the specific steps

Any and all help would be appreciated