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Server 2008 - Slow lan AFTER login

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WhatsRunning doesnt show any rogue processes or services hogging bandwidth. Its pretty standard. I did run some speed tests of various configurations if it helps you help me narrow down the culprit:

[APPSVR=troubled server, DC=domain controller, XP1 & XP2=xp pro clients, WIN7=win7 client. All clients are admin members of domain. Running speed test from -> to other computer, W=write R=read, - AVG OF 3 TESTS, 20MB FILE, W & R IN MB per sec).

APPSVR -> XP1 = 34W 25R
APPSVR -> XP2 = 30W 25R
APPSVR -> WIN7 = 56W 25R

XP1 -> APPSVR = 24W 26R
XP2 -> APPSVR = 24W 26R
WIN7 -> APPSVR = 26W 67R

XP1 -> DC = 42W 70R
XP2 -> DC = 40W 70R
WIN7 -> DC = 6W 85R (YES 6 mbps, i need to look at this too)

XP1 -> XP2 = 78W 81R
XP2 -> XP1 = 76W 81R

Simply logging out of APPSVR doesnt seem to affect anything. I must restart the APPSVR and then NOT log in. Here ore the client speed test results:

XP1 -> APPSVR = 82W 81R
XP2 -> APPSVR = 84W 81R
WIN7 -> APPSVR = 87W 85R

Youre right, its obviously something in the APPSVR user login process slowing down.
Perhaps the Microsoft Mgmt Console? AntiV settings that kick in after login? I don't know.