Setting up Server/Client

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Setting up Server/Client


I am a fairly new student of the MCSE course and require some assistance in setting up a test client/sever environment at home.

I am trying to do this at present using a Windows Server 2003 machine and a Windows XP machine.

I have assigned the Domain Controller (Active Directory) and DNS Server Roles.

Created User account and client computer within Active Directory.

In System Properties on Client PC I have renamed the computer to join the domain. I have then input the name of the domain in the relevant field and am presented with User Name and Password box for accounts with permission to join domain. In this box I enter the logon name XXX@Woolly.Watson.Domain and the password created for the user account.

At this stage I am presented with various messages 'Access is Denied' 'Network Path Not Found'

In trying to resolve this issue I have pinged the DNS Server and IP address of Server 2003 Machine sucessfully. I have ensured that in TCP/IP Protocol on both client/sever that the preferred DNS Server is specified and the IP address is Static( I think??).

I have also disabled my firewall.

Is there some procedure I have not carried out so far??Not sure what else to do at present.. Your advice would be appreciated.

many thanks