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Setting Up Sever 2008 for DHCP on a network that already has a router

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First of all the 'static' IP address is the external address of the router, the one facing the Internet. This is outside the firewall and has no relationship at all to the addresses inside your network.

Typically the firewal/router that connects you to the Internet also has a DHCP server on it's internal interface, the one that serves up connectivity on the local network.

IF you plan to use the new server as your DHCP server, then you need to assign a static IP address to the router (so you can manage it), and then disable it's DHCP server. (the DHCP service on the router).

Assuming that the firewall/router is, in fact, a firewall/router, then your server is no different than any other LAN device. Give it one NIC, or two, or as many as you like. Assign it a static IP address. Note that its default gateway is the IP address of the firewall/router.