Sharepoint Mixed Public and Private

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Sharepoint Mixed Public and Private

I'm new to Sharepoint but I have an idea for an architecture that I'd love to pull off. Not entirely sure how to phrase a Google search so I thought I'd post the idea here.

Is it possible to have a single Sharepoint site with content for both public and private audiences? In a perfect world, here's what I'd want:
- Single site so that it's the same content resource. Also, because multiple sites would be confusing to users.
- Anonymous users would only be able to see content which is flagged for public viewing.
- Logged-in users would be able to see all content.
- New content by default is not available for public viewing. It would have to be flagged manually.
- Windows Authentication would be used to log you in, if you are logged into your domain PC.

Is this at all possible? Thanks.