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Should I jump from XP to Windows 8?

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if the computer has been running xp, then it may not be able to run win7 or win8. check with the computer's manufacturer to see if there are new drivers for your old machine that are compatible with the new o.s. - but it is highly doubtful that there will be any.

if not, then your only option will be to buy / acquire a newer machine engineered for the newer o.s.'s.

also, there is no upgrade scenario from xp. in other words, the new o.s.'s will have to be installed on a clean hard disk (per se). so to this end, i would not format your xp drive. instead install the new o.s. on a separate partition or secondary hard drive.

lastly, your old printers, peripherals and old software may not run on the new o.s.'s as well, because most software and hardware manufacturer's have stopped providing free updated drivers and software updates for use on newer o.s.'s.

for them, there is no money in providing free updates. instead, the revenue they generate comes from providing newer equipment and software that are compatible with the mainstream o.s.'s on the shelves.