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Should I jump from XP to Windows 8?

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Deadly Ernest

If all your apps are 32 bit there can still be a great advantage in running a 64 OS if you're using 64 bit hardware as you then get the full advantage of the hardware as the OS will utilise the hardware for an improved performance of the 32 bit apps. It's been a few years since I've seen anyone sell 32 bit hardware as new, so why not run a 64 bit OS to best use the hardware!

I don't know if you were around at the time, bit Windows 3 was designed for working on 16 bit hardware, but 32 bit hardware was soon fairly common. A special patch came out to convert your 16 bit Windows 3 to be a 32 bit Windows 3, even though the apps were still all 16 bit - what the conversion did was allow the OS to use the full 16 bit capability of the hardware and the apps all ran faster better, especially when you were running more than one app at the time.