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Should I jump from XP to Windows 8?

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Deadly Ernest


It may or may not be advantageous to upgrade from an older Microsoft Windows version as there's a lot more to it than just how great the latest version is or supposed to be. The situation for a business is a lot different for an individual. I know people who refuse to dump their XP at this point in time because they can NOT afford to buy replacement peripherals they use a lot - printer, scanner, slide and film scanner and the like. This is because the gear works perfectly with XP but does NOT work with Win 7. One person can't switch as they use a special piece of hardware and software that works with their throat microphone to allow them to use their VOIP phone service - neither works with Win 7.

The peripheral hardware compatibility issue and cost is often overlooked by people until AFTER they get the new fancy computer and they get upset when their existing gear doesn't work with the new one.