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Should TechRepublic merge with FaceBook?

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go to TR's sister site, ZDNet, where, by the way, the "blog" in regards to Microsoft merging with Adobe first appeared, and try to follow any discussion there!
Sometimes these "blog" posts are reposted here in efforts to stir the pot, nothing but flamebait. If the blogger is going to post off-the-wall opinion pieces, they should expect off-the-wall comments. If they are going to post an ariticle with rubbish, they should expect to get it thrown back.
Sometimes though, even IT needs a break from the drudgery, so I look at some of these "discussions" as a fun diversion. regards to the title of your discussion...emphatically NO! Of course, I think you were a bit sarcastic in the title, wouldn't you say? You could even catalogue your discussion as a "whine", in which case one must ask, why did you start the discussion?