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Should TechRepublic merge with FaceBook?

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@NexS & ameack & oldbaritone - this was in no way a serious suggestion. I was comparing the quality of some postings in TR to most I've seen in FB.

@TobiF - It's not a case of follow/un-follow or getting a more granular follow function.

@wizard57m - I agree that even IT needs abreak from drudgery, having fun diversions or a bit of humour thrown in. As I recall, the discussion that prompted my, admittedly sarcastic, question - MS buying Adobe - around 50% of the responses used the terms bloatware, crap etc. Nothing constructive about why it was a good or bad idea. If using terms like bloatware, crap etc is flamebait, then I guess I took the bait.

@kenone - I'm sorry but you don't understand correctluy. My posting was pointing out the number of comments thatoffer nothing contstructive. So, my official position is that if someone is going to join a discussion let's try to keep it constructive.