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Sick of moving computer equipment around.

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Yeah..I was just thinking of doing something like that to point out the extra money that goes into moving equipment around. Supervisors always come up with good reasons why they have to move their staff though. They won't ever just say becuase they want it so. Recently they asked me to swap two workstations because a user from a different site was going to be relocated and needed access to a particular scanner. When asked why the user could not utilize the workstation right next to him instead, which does have the scanner they need attached, the response was that the user currently stationed there needs the extra space avaialble on the counter due to faxing since apparently they have stacks and stacks of documents to send out. Sigh...if you ask me, I think they are so used to having us always end up moving things to meet their ever changing needs that they dont give it a second thought even if there is a better solution. And since they are in a supervisory role, they dont want to be told no so they come up with the best exucse possible that will sound reasonable to higher ups...but if management could see the larger picture, I'm sure they could see a pattern of lack of planning. And that I end up paying for since it is my job to do all equipment installations on top of the administrative duties.