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You can also be on the administrative side. Knowing things like security, active directory w/e nix can use for the same function (Sorry to the Nix guys cause I do not know).

And like I said before, analysts are in high demand, especially for reasons like us techie people don't know english from our aholes.

I can personally say the most important people in are organization are the ones that can talk to the customers and actually figure out what they want, and tell us techie people what they want so we can figure out how to actually do it, and then actually do it :).

There is a lot of different levels to IT, not just Cisco and certifications. (of which you will probably find out right now are worthless cause of the state of the economy)

Web developer for example... You can learn the basics of web technology pretty easily, 1 or 2 courses and you'd probably learn all you'd need. Sure you'd probably get on that topic about garbage HTML, but at least you'd be employed.