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Thanks for your suggestion! (Not being sarcastic -- I mean it). However, trust me when I say that I have looked into all aspects of writing, from teaching KG to journalism to medical transcription to speech-writing to technical writing and beyond. Nobody needs/wants writing skills. Those who do, such as TV sitcoms, etc. already have plenty of them. Even things to do with writing for the computer industry have no future, really. I don't mean only Technical Writing, but writing for blogs, online journals, etc. is simply not productive.

About the only field that is hiring more people than it is firing is IT. Trust me, I am not looking to make $100K or even $50K per year. $25K per year, for the next year or two would do it for me. It would let me drive my car and buy my groceries. When I said money was the main reason for the switch I meant that in a very basic way -- ANY money, not a lot of money. Right now, I am making $70 per week -- $10 per day.

I got laid off last month and paid this month's and last month's bills with the severance pay. But I can't make it on $10 per day. I can get a student loan and try to study toward something that would get me a job -- quick!

I have a Master's degree in English and 20 years of college teaching experience and I cannot even get a job delivering pizza. I am "over-qualified" for that!

So, I do appreciate what you are saying and I have tried it but there is no real future in being an educator. I want to do something hands-on. It's OK if it is hard to learn because that reduces the competition. The main thing is that it must have a future, however basic that may be.