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ccna classes = one year
ccnp classes = another year
ccie better work in the field daily working on routers for a minimum of 5 years, studying the whole time.

In about 7 years, IF you take the the very technical side of cisco routers and switches, you MIGHT be able to try to take the $2k test to become a CCIE.

you to know cisco routers and switches are all command line, no gui, right?

I have completed the ccnp training, and have just found myself laid off with 10 years on the job.

To stand on a box and proclaim you wish to become ccie for the cash is laughable. You do it because you excel in the field, not because someone put dollar signs in your eyes.

At your present pay rate, how to you propose to take all the classes?

You also know you have to PAY to attempt the tests, right? pass or fail, one shot deal. don't pass, you pay and take it again. CCNP is four tests. Just the tests will cost you over a years wages.