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Of course, when I call you a miserable, grumpy person, I am not laughing at you, only at your predicament. I suppose you have no choice but to laugh at others to make your miserable, grumpy life a little more cheery.

A little bit of thought would have told you that if I did have experience in a field I would not, in fact, be CHANGING my career. Change implies difference. And while I do plan to work toward expertise in my new field of choice, I certainly do not assume that I am an expert already. But I also do not assume, as you do, that it is impossible for me to achieve expertise simply because I do not possess it already. In fact, I would think there would be no point in trying to acquire expertise in a field where I already had expertise.

At one point, I had no experience of qualification in any field whatever. By your logic, therefore, I should have never tried to be successful in anything. However, I have been successful in more than one field already. That those fields no longer offer me a sufficient income is as much due to the changes in technology over the last 20 years as to the change in the economy over the last two years.

Certainly, if you are able to survive with zero dollars in your own wallet, I encourage you to do so. That others (in IT or in any other profession) are barely hanging on to their jobs is no concern of mine. There are teachers who are barely hanging on to their jobs. So, I suppose you would discourage anyone from becoming a teacher. There are senior bankers who have recently been fired from their jobs. So, I guess nobody should go into banking. Senators have lost elections. So nobody should aspire to be a senator, I suppose.

About the only profession I don't see anyone getting fired from (if you can call it a profession) is that of being a grumpy, miserable person. However, I would not recommend it to anyone, except you, to take that up as a profession, because you are the only person I know who recommends that a person should take up a profession only to have an empty wallet.

Certainly, if that is your definition of success, you are sure to be very successful. You are already grumpy and miserable. As you have no value for money, emptying your wallet should be easy for you.

As to Tony Hopkinson's suggestion, I value it too and I have responded to it, with respect. However, as you seem to value your own opinion above all else, you have not taken the time to read my response to Mr. Hopkins.

By all means, continue to laugh at myself and others and our predicaments as it seems to be your main form of entertainment. Normally, I would feel sad for someone like you but, as it appears to be your definition of success, I congratulate you!