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OldER Mycroft

For the first time in almost 2 years, I've made a minimalist foray into the working possibilities for the life of another TR peer and inadvertently generated a furore of disgruntlement and malcontent. All of which appears to be aimed at me, firmly slung in my direction.

Sheesh, all I did was to attempt to illustrate that you don't have to be successful in order to laugh at an ill-thought-out proposition.

Sadly your elaborate rebuttal is as badly thought out as your misinterpreted malcontent.

By all means, do it - go for it - switch lanes and blunder into an industry that you have to train in, just as the entire economy goes into hibernation.

Had you proffered this ideal some years back, my response would have been much more approving. However, in the present economic climate and given your 20 year history in Education, your intended career-change is blinkered in the extreme.

#1 Training courses are a necessity.
#2 Graduates of those courses are currently experiencing placement difficulties.
#3 The job market you are aiming at will become increasing populated with the unemployed that are already qualified and experienced.
#4 You may well find your 'availability' for starter-positions ignored due to your age.
#5 I didn't notice any mention made of you having taken any form of aptitude test.
#6 You might have misjudged 20 years in Education as 'proof' that you are capable of working in an industrial field.

But, really, you're probably right. What do I know anyway? I'm just a disgruntled grumpy old man.

As I always say - better to be a has-been, than to be a never-was.

Pardon me while I just go off and suck on my two hundred and sixty nine Thumbs ...