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I don't believe the hype. I do, however, believe the Bureau of Labor Statistics that says there will be an increase in demand for IT jobs over the next 10 years. Also, I am not looking for $80K. I am looking for $25K (hopefully) but would settle even for $15K, with CCNA certification. I would look for $60k after 5 to 7 years, with CCIE certification and $80K+ ten to fifteen years from now.

I know there are ways I can use IT in education so, once I have sufficient income I will find a way to use my IT skills in education, particularly English education.

In the short-term, I do need the money. In the long-term, I know there are ways I can utilize my combination of IT and education skills in ways that most people cannot imagine. I did not see the point of discussing this with some of the other IT professionals who responded here as they seem to believe that the ability to learn IT is a god-given skill available only to the CHOSEN FEW and that IT skills can be used only in the computer industry and nowhere else.

I have always wanted to create the hardware and software necessary to teaching English skills to those who lack the money and/or time to go to school, buy books, etc. 20 years ago, when I looked into it, creating such an online program would have cost in excess of $100 million. Now, I believe, it can be done for under $1 million. In another 10 years, probably the cost will drop to $100,000 or less. And if I have some IT skills myself, the cost will drop even more.

So, there is a long-term plan but it is quite far in the future.