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I was done the test with 20 minutes to spare. The math stuff i did probably pretty bad on the second half of it, the first half, I could mental math it and figure out a close guess. And since its multiple choice, a close guess is often good enough to get you to the right answer. It never seemed to have any trick answers. The english part of it was crazy hard after like question 20/100. The other things came easy to me, not sure if to anyone else. In all honestly I think the test was a load of crap, since many of the people in my class were epic dumbasses, however our class was split in two. And apperently the half I was in was the smart half. People were actually requesting transfers into our half to be with the smart people. One of my friends from the other half said the other half would ridicule you if you asked questions. like wtf!? Questions are pretty much the only way for my fragmented mind to learn, that would have been terriable if that was the half I was on initially. I probably wouldn't have graduated. Especially not at the top of my class and with honors :). (it helped that the mr 4.5 GPA guy got a job earily and left college earily to finish it a year later, thus not being in my graduating year and making me the top :))