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OldER Mycroft

"3 Seconds per Answer"

Y'see, most folk think that means exactly that - 3 seconds for each question.

But the LOGICAL folk (the computer geeks) understand that it's the rough estimate which is the product of the total number of questions, divided by the alloted time available.

There'll be quite a few questions that you can answer on sight, from which you recover more and more seconds throughout the question paper. A question paper that is made from paper and answers that are put on that paper with a pen.

So ~ with lots of seconds to spare ~

Sqrt of 65000 * 350 becomes a simple long multiplication, like so:


Now, anyone with a brain cell knows that 4^2=16 and 5^2=25, so the sqrt of 22750000 HAS to look something akin to 4.7 factored up. THAT would be what you'd find in one of the multiple choice answers.

BUT ONLY if you left the SQRT Question till last !!


XP's calculator delivers 4769.6960070847282457631079301161 as the answer.

*There were probably quite a few that failed the test miserably because when they got to the SQRT problem, they immediately locked horns, using too much time to complete all the other simple questions. That was the ILLOGICAL approach. :)

If you belong to the generation that sat these multiple choice exams on a computer screen, please ignore all of the above!! :^0