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OldER Mycroft

According to Charles Darwin:

"If you give enough monkeys enough typewriters for enough time they will eventually come up with the complete works of Shakespeare."

In other words: order can come from disorder given a large enough random data sample and a sufficient passage of time.

So given enough opportunities to sit, then re-sit and re-sit and re-sit ad infinitum, any Numpty can pass a multiple choice exam eventually. There should be a law as to how many times Numpties are allowed to try it.

I've never re-sat ANY exam, never had to. In fact, when I did my first HND re-sits were not an option (6 Finals at the end of 2nd year, 7 Finals at the end of 3rd year) and if I'd failed ANY exam, I failed my course. In those circumstances (17 started in 1st Year - 5 didn't make it to 3rd Year, 2 failed some Finals so only 10 Qualified) we really had an excuse to go to the Pub and get well and truly sozzled !!

Not really much to celebrate if you pass on the Umpteenth Attempt.