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Slow Access to Outlook Web Access

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Well the first problem is the dialup. Yes I've experienced dialup having performance issues of OWA, to the point of near impossibility. OWA is a heavy page, at least until the browser caches all of the little graphic icon images that OWA uses, and then it's not so bad.

As for general OWA performance? SBS = AD Controller, DHCP, DNS, ISA, SQL, LMNOP (oops, got carried away), File and Print Services, Exchange, WWW including Sharepoint and OWA, etc., etc. I can't imagine why there may be performance issues.

Seriously, I've noticed that the performance of all of the WWW components on SBS is not very snappy, and no wonder considering everything that SBS does. And don't get be wrong, I like SBS, but consider checking the resources of the server itself and possibly beefing that up. Your whole network will thank you.