small network - bottleneck?

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small network - bottleneck?

In a small network with a cable modem -> router -> switch
configuration, is there a bottleneck because the switch to router is
just a 100 GB port? Not sure if I'm wording this correctly. It seems
like the switch would be limited to 100 GB maximum so that if 8
ports were active and all 8 were streaming video, for example, each
would share the bandwidth of the router-to-switch connection. All
else being equal for this example, that would be 12.5 GB per port
rather than 100. Would this also be the same for the modem-to-
router connection?

Is there something I don't understand? (I may answer my own
question if I keep typing.) Since the cable connection is much slower
than this I suppose that the above is true, but irrelevant.
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The pipe to the internet is the real bottleneck in your example. Even if you have the fastest broadband service that your provider offers, which generally today for non-dedicated broadband is in the 6mb range, still 6mb pipe to the internet versus 100mb at the switch.

The workstations can communicate with each other at 100mbps for file-sharing, print-sharing, whatever, but any internet bound traffic has to slow right down for the skinny pipe.

By the way, just a brief semantics lesson; big B usually means Bytes, GB=Giga-Bytes, MB=Mega-Bytes, etc.; and little b is bits, gb=Giga-bit, mb=Mega-bit, etc. and bandwidth is measured in bits.