Sonicwall VPN tunnel down between 2 sites

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Sonicwall VPN tunnel down between 2 sites

Hi all, I have a central Sonicwall and 10 remote sites in all with VPN tunnels established. The central site cannot communicate with one of the remote sites via this VPN tunnel. I just came into this infrastructure two weeks ago, and I've confirmed that all of the other 9 sites can be communicated with, except for this one.

We're currently on SonicOs Enhanced firmware version, and everything in the settings, such as the shared key, the interface address, etc., looks ok. I'm not too sure what the issue could be with this particular WAN VPN tunnel. So far, I've backed up the config, bounced the device, confirmed the resources are back online and accessible via local LAN, but it still does not show as online as the other sites do. Any suggestions? What are best practices for troubleshooting issues such as this?


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