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Space/Length Allocation for form entry fields

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field lengths are subjective.

basically, most programs that provide options to create input fields limit them to a maximum of 256 characters.

also, the actual size of the field doesn't limit the amount of data it can accept. for example, the field length might be an inch wide, but it can accept 256 characters of inputted data if you set the field properties to do so.

another consideration is if the data in the input fields are going to be stored in a database, like microsoft access or it the form you want will hold temporary data only, like for printing then deleting from the computer..

but fortunately, input fields can be adjusted as needed.

so for the meantime, i would make all fields 40 characters, while creating the form.

if you are going to have standard data on the form, like zip code or telephone or salutation or state abbreviations, etc, they do not have to be 40 characters.

so remember, after the form is implemented and put to use, you can always make adjustments to it and the field lengths, later.