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you really only have two options for printing large numbers.

either you print the whole number or you round it down (then either add scientific notations or add currency notations)

in science, many numbers are simply rounded down and displayed with a notation or large numbers are represented by acronyms, like the number that is represented by Pi.

when it comes to money and large numbers, you may have to use abbreviations.

for example,
1,000,000.00 = 1million = 1M
10,100,000.00 = 10.1million = 10.1M

all countries know what millions, billions and trillions are. however, in the example above, i would spell out millions, since foreign countries can misconstrue "M". so 10,200,005.00 = USD 10.2 million

remember when rounding down money you need to add notations to it, ie, currency code (like USD, YEN, GPB, etc..) and the currency symbols, like ($, #, # ). [fyi - symbols for yen and british pound don't display here]

you can get more info on currency searching for currency codes and currency values.

i hope the above helps.

incidentally, another example of international billing and invoicing can be provided by the u.s. customs.