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Space/Length Allocation for form entry fields

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some additional fyi - i found this site with invoice examples. if you notice, a couple of the templates strategically place the total on the left hand side. in doing so, this would permit large monetary values to stretch towards the right.

keep in mind that when creating template forms or reports, you don't always have to put columns together in one rows, ie next to each other.

for example, when creating reports, put some column headings on a second row, underneath the main row of columns fields. reports makers like msaccess permit you to have two or more rows to place column headers on a report template.

that way, you are not limited to displaying values to a single row, but instead values will be displayed over two or more rows.

for example, instead of putting the 1" column for Amount at the end of the main column header row, put it on the second column header row and stretch the column to 2.5".

in doing so, you can display the whole value without rounding or shrinking the font size.