Strange Crash on IBM ThinkCentre

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Strange Crash on IBM ThinkCentre

I am a Physics major and research intern at University of Richmond, and I do my research on a school computer (a basic IBM ThinkCentre Pentium 4 desktop). I wiped the Windows off the computer and installed fedora core 9. It has been fine until now, but it seems to have crashed, it won't boot. The initial screen pops up with the big IBM and the chance to go to the BIOS screen then it goes black and there is a

"|B_" in the top left corner where the underscore blinks repeatedly. This is the only thing on the screen. The only keys that work are ctrl+alt+delete and that is to restart the system, only to do the same thing.

In BIOS mode, I did get the computer to boot from the CD-ROM drive, so I can wipe the system and reinstall fedora, but that is an option that I would like to do last.

I have had the school's technicians take a look at it, but no one seems to have any idea. If any one has any ideas to help avoid wiping the hard drive please let me know! Thank you!

Also if you have any question I would love to answer them!