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Suddenly cannot acquire an IP address.

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id like a little more info on the equip your using, but it sounds like the DHCP server on the router isnt broadcasting, that or the drivers for the WNIC are screwy (if your using the belkin 54g UK edition i can relate, ive gone round to many places to re-install these drivers)

anyway assuming your probably using a belkin router, making its default IP, reset the damned thing and try again, if that doesent work go into device managet and uninstall the WNICs device drivers and reload them, if that doesent work type in these credentials in the TCP/IP properties of the WNIC your using, assuming your using a commercial router the setup is as follows ^^


(last octet (100) can be whatever you like so long as its not being used and the ip scope hasnt been configured to make it less than 2 - 254)


gateway (router/hubs ip) (usually or

DNS servers the same as the routers address, both primary and secondary

well... try that, if that doesent work give me more info on the equipment your using ^^

and im assuming your using wireless, but its all the same for cabled stuff ^^