System32 folder gets renamed

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System32 folder gets renamed

I have a virus on my comp that renames the system32 folder as windows is booting.

I was booting up and got a bluescreen/shutdown message right before it starts the login process. Next boot up right after the HW check I get an error msg saying system32\hal.dll cannot be found. I installed a new windows in a seperate directory and got in. When I check my old installation I see that system32 folder has been renamed to 'sikm.exe'. I renamed it, booted up and again right before login I get the shutdown msg. I ran a virus checker and it found 1 virus, got rid of it, but the problem presists.

The major problem for me that I have a lot of stuff on my old profile (desktop, my documents) but the new install of windows doesnt let me access those folders (permission denied, even tho I'm admin on it). Is there a way for me to get access to those folders? or even better, fix the renaming issue (like open a cfg that shows me what boots up on my old install?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!