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T-1 or another communication line need to be set up?

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At a high level, if things are setup properly, a standard T1, (1.54MBS), circuit can work just fine.

This is a tricky question to answer because a LOT depends on what application and data are going over the network, and if it's all setup properly.

Part of what you are asking is about the setup where a remote site uses the Internet connection at the main HQ site. Overall this is a really inefficient way to do things, because now ALL the regular traffic from the remote site has to go to/from HQ, AND all the Internet traffic has to go to/from the HQ site....ALL OVER THE SAME INTERFACE. It's like six lanes of traffic going over a one lane road.

Ideally the remote site should be given it's own Internet connection, however this means HQ has to trust the remote site to use the Internet responsibly....

For the remote company A and B to connect to each other a VPN connection over the Internet would be the best.