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T-1 or another communication line need to be set up?

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On how Company 'B' wants to monitor the data. There's two ways they can go about this, depending on the setup and software. They can either send all of the production data over the Internet via VPN (as robo_dev mentioned) from Company 'A' to Company 'B', where it can be stored and analyzed. Depending on how much data there is, it's still doable, but uses more bandwidth, especially if it needs to happen during working hours, and in real-time. The way I would consider first would be to set up a dedicated Company 'B' computer (or computers) at Company 'A', connected to the equipment. This computer would be accessed via RDP or VNC and remotely controlled. The amount of bandwidth required is very low and since that computer is LAN-based, the speed at which you see the data from the equipment is faster. They can get that computer to save and copy data to Company 'B' only when required.

Company 'B' access to your network should easily be limited either way you/they go, but again, the RDP/VNC solution seems better. They only control those PCs, which only have access to the equipment, and the VPN connection. Same with the 'fixed' connection.

You're kind of caught in the middle here. What you need to do is get your HQ to keep you in the loop with what Company 'B' wants, and what they're prepared to provide. You could quite easily provide a dedicated connection, even segregated, for Company 'B' yourself, but this would probably violate an HQ policy because now the possibility is there that someone from the outside could access your's and the HQ network...