Tape rotation

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Tape rotation

I've been doing backups for years, but in the past the companies I've worked for have had a tape rotation policy in place. Now I'm tasked with creating one for my current company which has none....

Basicly I need to know how many tapes I will need for a specific amount of data, with a given "off site" rotaion. Specificly I have three "media stores" (daily, weekly, monthy), How many tapes will I need if I send the dailies off site for 1 week, the weeklies off for 3months, and monthlies off for a year.

Idealy, I would like to have an Excell template that would allow me to do "what-ifs" (there is some talk about "splitting" the backups into several different rotaions). Or a program that will warn an operator what tapes/containers to call back from off-site.