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OH Smeg

You will need to leave the IDE Drive in this computer even though the OS isn't installed to it.

This is because the Actual Hardware always treats the IDE Drive as the Default Drive. If it is removed some critical Boot Files will be missing and the system will not boot to Windows. Summarily if it isn't fitted when Windows is installed to the SATA Drive and you then add the IDE Drive the System will not boot to Windows as the Windows Boot Files will not be on the Default Drive.

When Windows gets loaded it can change the SATA Drive to the C Drive and then to all intents & purposes it remains the C Drive till you shut down and restart the install process again.

Just keep that in mind and you'll not go wrong. The only thing that I'm unsure about with this M'Board is that it only states that it can use 2 SATA Drives that number seems a little small to me as all the ones that I have used except some SIS Boards could drive 4 SATA Drives.