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OH Smeg

Feel free to ask anything you need to know.

Now for starters the Recovery Disc is very unlikely to actually work as it will not have the right or default Drivers for the New M'Boards Chip Set. When the system makers make a Recovery Disc they just include the drivers for the hardware supplied and then any additional software that they send out with the new computer. So it's not likely to work but if you have the time free you can give it a try first if you like.

The XP home will work but you may need to press the F6 Key when the first Blue Screen appears on the Windows Installer as some M'Boards do not support the SATA Drivers and Windows XP doesn't so you need to install the SATA Driver before you can load Windows to the SATA Drive. To follow Windows Install procedures copy the SATA Driver to the Root of a Floppy and when prompted after pressing the F6 Key insert the Floppy into the A Drive and press enter.

Or you can make your own Slipstreamed Install Disc by either following the directions here

or the down loadable version of the same thing here

Or you can use nLite available free here to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc with the SATA Drivers and any new Service Packs that have been included since your copy of Home was made

If you use NLite you'll need to look at the Guides Pages on that site so you can use the software but it's quite simple to do.

When you get your XP Pro Disc you can do a Repair or In Place Install by following the directions here but you'll need a M$ Branded Install Disc not a System Makers Recovery Disc as this option isn't supported with the Recovery Disc's.

If you are planing on keeping the IDE Drive in the system just remember to have it fitted before installing XP as the computer will not boot to Windows if it is fitted latter. There are only a few files that are copied to the IDE Drive but they just point the system to the SATA Drive for a Bootable OS. If they are not there the Hardware looks at the IDE Drive and when it doesn't find anything it spits up an error message along the lines of No Bootable Partition Found Insert the Boot Disc and continue.

It's a Learning Process that you are going through here and it is something =that you'll never forget after it sucks you in a few times.

OH the IDE drive will need to be formatted before you install XP to the SATA Drive. Or you can make a small Partition on it and just let the Windows Installer copy the required files there and use the rest of the drive to load your other OS's onto. Something about 100 MEG should be more than enough space on the IDE Drive for this partition.