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Hello. Yes I am a cheapskate; I bought this XP Pro cheap on ebay. It is new and unused with Licence etc., but is as you suggest a two-disc HP reinstallation package. Now the funny thing is that the keyboard (for which of course I had to install drivers) worked fine in the first three installs as indeed did that stupid number lock (why is that even there??) Before each reinstall of course I formatted the drive. Anyway I have reinstalled my XP Home version, another cheap OEM deal that works perfectly. After I have rebuilt the second computer (which is, I am sorry to say the original reason for this thread)I shall try again with the Pro version. Incidentally I did install extra memory yesterday and it works fine; I now have over 3GB and installed XP Pro in fifteen minutes start to finish, which was some compensation after reading that "the installation will finish in 39 minutes"!

Again, thanks very much for your support.