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Tarting Up!

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OH Smeg

Having this many errors on the one computer with the same install Disc must be a nightmare.

All I can think of here is that you have a Hardware issue that needs looking into. Have you got a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD that you can use to test the hardware? If not it is available here for free download

It really sounds as if you have some kind of Intermittent occurring at least on the Install so a Deep Test seems to be called for where you can torture the hardware into giving up the ghost well any bits that are not quite right at least.

Do you really still want to look at Vista? If you do you really are a gluten for punishment aren't you? :^0

All I can say is that this shouldn't be occurring and it's never happened to me previously either though I have had a few Windows Installs go bad and need redoing but not to this extent.

Every time it's happened there has been a problem to so all I can think of here is to look at the hardware involved here and start off with the Power Supply in this computer. If it is a bit old it may be going off slightly and throwing the voltages off causing problems so have you got the ASUS Probe installed and working? Also try blowing out the PS to remove any buildup of dust in it but remember to stop the fan/s spinning or they will generate Power and may hurt things more than they currently are.

Between the Ultimate Boot CD and the ASUS probe to check the Temps and Voltages there isn't much that isn't tested.

Now you need to say really nice things about Windows every day for at least 5 hours or it will continue to hunt you down. Of course you could try shooting your install disc's and starting from scratch all over again just to show them Who's the Boss Not sure if it will help but it will certainly make you feel a lot better.