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OH Smeg

You need a Burning Application like Nero. or something else to turn the download into a Bootable CD but as it is just a Download that isn't actually installed from a Trusted Site it shouldn't prove a problem.

Well lets put it this way I have yet to have a problem with it at lest. If you are at all concerned download the ISO Image as it is very unlikely to be infected with anything. I could be biased here as I only use ISO Images myself and burn them to CD or DVD as I consider them far safer than the individual files but you'll want to use a Download Tool as this is a reasonably big file and if you suffer any dropouts you don't want to start from the beginning all over again. You should have a AV Product on the drive as well so something like NOD 32 available from here

Not sure what your preferred Burning Software is but that shouldn't cause any problems either.