TCP port 2603 and service "servicemeter"

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TCP port 2603 and service "servicemeter"

I am running AVG Firewall on WinXP Pro. AVG is asking me to allow/deny Application "System" outbound access to localhost port 2603 (TCP). Destination is port 80.

I searched for applications named "system" and don't find any. I have no applications running that should be accessing the Internet at that time. The destination IP resolves to MSNBCENESPANOL.COM. As far as I know, I've not accessed that website before.

From what I can gather, port 2603 is assigned to a service called "servicemeter".

I have denied access. Full A/V, spyware, adware, malware scans come up empty (using AVG, ad-aware, spybot, spywareblaster).

Can anyone tell me about "servicemeter", port 2603, and why an application named "System" might be trying to use that port/service?