Tech Support for Conference

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Tech Support for Conference

Two of us are supporting our company's users at a company-sponsored conference that is being held in another city. We are putting together a box of things to bring including extra LAN & phone cables, extra laptop batteries, etc.

I'm also going to bring a USB drive with files.

Anyone have any suggestions for either of these, or anything else that will make our job easier?

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A long extension cord
A power strip or two
Batteries for the remote, and wireless mic
Speakers, maybe

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Power bars, extension cords, a spare hub.

If you use a common type of laptop, a power adapter.

A printer.

Spare bulb for the projector and/or spare projector.

Keyboards and mice.

All the software you use to diagnose issues, on that USB drive. Be prepared to have a HD die, and it will inevitably be from someone who has a key presentation on it. (been there done that).

Any special software used in the conference. In 1993 I did this and the company that ran the projectors, lights etc used a Mac to control the lights, sound etc. Needless to say the one Mac that had the software went dead, so I had to walk a user 3000 miles away through setting up the remote access software, connecting to her Mac by modem and downloading the software.

Spare laptop - if you can.

Tylenol, Tums, chocolate bars - no I am not joking. You might be too busy to take care of yourself.


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A USB drive with any presentations, etc.

If you are flying to the conference, don't forget that your equipment will likely ride in cargo. Pack WELL- it isn't as protected in cargo.

The longest patch cable you can get your hands on. A spare hub.

An extra, fully charged cell battery.

Singles and change. Used to make sure I had at least $20 in singles on me when I traveled.

I agree with James on this one- Tums, aspirin (I prefer Exedrin- it has caffeine), stow and go snacks. Bottled water once you reach your site.

Good luck!

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Plan for the worst that could happen, like your companion coming down sick or missing the flight. And if the equipment gets lost in baggage ****. I know it's impossible to plan for everything, try shipping some things ahead of time and be sure it arrives before you set out, that way you might be doubled up on some things but if the worst happens, you'll be covered. A small tool kit might come in handy, a flashlight and even some spare fuses for the projector and power strips.

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Others have made many good suggestions of things to bring, but by Murphy's Law there's likely to be at least one emergency need for something you could NOT anticipate. So before going, spend a few minutes online and print out directions from the meeting site to the nearest stores where you might find such things. Also, do you know any fellow technies who live near the meeting site? If so, then you might ask them to recommend local sources of emergency computer stuff. Unfortunately, what used to be my favorite place to find such things when away from home, Radio Shack, now seems to consist mostly of cell phones and the selection of spare parts in the back is less than half the size it used to be!

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Here's what I've got so far.

Computer supplies
Extension cord
Power Strip
LAN cables
Phone cables
Extra laptop Power Adapters
Extra laptop batteries
mice & keyboards
CDs to re-image laptops
Tool kit

Flashlight & Batteries
hand sanitizer
Single dollars and change

USB drive containing documents from our Knowledge Base including:
Using VPN
Using Wireless
Using web based email
How to contact our Support Center via phone & email

We are not responsible for presentations, so I don't have backup copies available. Projectors are being rented, so the vendor will be responsible for those.

Good advice about packing things carefully for shipment, and finding a local store to purchase things we couldn't or didn't think to bring.

Cell battery is a good idea; unfortunately, mine doesn't have one, so I'll just bring the charger.

I'll check back again in case anyone else has other suggestions.

Thanks again!