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Power bars, extension cords, a spare hub.

If you use a common type of laptop, a power adapter.

A printer.

Spare bulb for the projector and/or spare projector.

Keyboards and mice.

All the software you use to diagnose issues, on that USB drive. Be prepared to have a HD die, and it will inevitably be from someone who has a key presentation on it. (been there done that).

Any special software used in the conference. In 1993 I did this and the company that ran the projectors, lights etc used a Mac to control the lights, sound etc. Needless to say the one Mac that had the software went dead, so I had to walk a user 3000 miles away through setting up the remote access software, connecting to her Mac by modem and downloading the software.

Spare laptop - if you can.

Tylenol, Tums, chocolate bars - no I am not joking. You might be too busy to take care of yourself.