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The rise of Apple

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I will not go into how apple computers were made, that is well documented and available.

The first Apple comuters were the first Personal Computer (PC), the techie people took to them right away. With the Apple costing only thousands, the only alternative was much more expensive systems with expensive software. The Engineers and Progammers could have fun writing code to do their projects with.

The Apple was considered to be a 'toy' of the techies by business. It was not until IBM came out with the PC, that business took them seriously, and bought them is droves. Apple could not overcome the 'cute' image, even though they were popular with the above people. Some schools still use the old Apple II computer in classrooms.

Another point, Apple and MacIntosh computers were designed to be more people friendly. Where IBM PC's were designed for business. Even today, people trained first on a Macs have a hard time switching to an IBM type PC. The opposite is not usually true.