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OH Smeg

The Cricket is just there for the Hallucinogenic Effects of the Welding Smoke.

I've been told by people with bulk loads of Experience that PlyCraft Rods will do things like this. Apparently the smell of the Welded Wood attracts most of the Organic Matter Eating Creatures.

Of course when Santee starts attracting members of the Large Cat Families he'll have a real problem. But if he stops using the BeefCraft and LambCraft Rods he shouldn't have to many members of the Large Cat Families attracted. :^0

Of course if he continues to use those KidneyCraft and TrifleCraft Rods that may not be the case. But I suppose it All Depends on how the waste gas is extracted and where it ends up in the neighborhood.

I personally prefer to weld metals only but some people are really strange and want to weld anything that they get their hands on. Apparently they like to see the effects of Large Electric Currents being passed through different substances.