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Time for a laptop?

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The impression I get is that laptops seem to have about a 2-3X price premium for similar performance. A Dell mini-desktop with a quad processor, 1333 MHz FSB, 4 GB RAM and a 300 GB 10K RPM drive was about $1400. The closest laptop I could find had a SLOWER quad processor and only a 7200 RPM drive and it was $4300!

Maybe I overlooked it (their website is confusing) but I couldn't find any Dell laptop with a 10K RPM drive, and all their quad processors were < 2 GHz. And yet they charged 3X the price!

My biggest performance issues tend to be disk-access. Firefox, VS and PS take a long time to load, and big PSD, MPEG-4 and TIFF files take a long time to load. So fast spindle times and RAIDed multiple disks help a lot. And laptops just don't seem to offer as much there, even at 3X the price.