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Toshiba A135-S2276 Bios Reset

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RE: batteries and EEPROMS.

They store their data by holding gates in position. When the charge that holds the gates is dissipated they revert to the original states. All 0's, when the computer is turned back on - if the state is all 0's, data is read from ROM bios. (Small flatpak chip with leads on two sides.) into EEPROM.

This procedure below can be done on most Toshiba boards made by HANNStar (the blue boards). Remove Battery, Hold power button for 30 sec. Plug in AC while holding power button. (The lights should flash, or stay on about 10 sec then go off) Release Power button. Put battery back in, and turn on normally. That too is a method for reloading EEPROM data.

Newer laptop hold data in a 8k area in the keyboard buffer. This is one way is the most secure and difficult to remove. (usually on the DualCore/CoreDuo chipsets)

Again, the method mentioned previously does work. Clearing the CMOS does remove the BIOS password. Shorting/draining the charge on the EEPROM does the same.