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Toshiba P875-S7102

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Well, I see that the detailed specifications on the Toshiba site state that there are 4 memory slots and that two are used.

Configured with 8GB DDR3 1600MHz (max 32GB)
4 main memory slots. Two slots are occupied."

Darned if I could find any details on where the other 2 slots are.

All I could find were reviews and user guides.

That said, unless you plan to do some very involved work with this, I doubt that you will miss the additional 8 GB you might gain. I have seen very little performance improvement with my Windows 7 x64 system going from 8 to 16GB. Even with the video using the maximum 2GB, I doubt that your system will fully use the full 22GB available for Windows to use.

However, if you decide to tear down the laptop to find those 2 hidden slots, you might as well be the one to post your findings on the web.