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Toshiba Satellite freezes on boot up.

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Toshiba Satelitte - there is a MICROSOFT UPDATE that is causing the memory corruption/bios freeze (lock out before you can get to any win-gui or anything - freezes ON the animation before the 4th blurb comes in - on Win 7). I had to send it back only to have windows mess it up AGAIN - so I fixed it myself. Hold zero and power on your machine - when you get to the toshiba logo - let go of zero - this allows you to bypass the freeze - and use the Win 7 with EMS Enabled - to wipe your comp to out of the box settings (or you can choose to save your info, but if your problem is on the harddrive than this wont help, pre-harddrive go for it). After this is done - it will reboot and still freeze - I thought I was going to have to resend it out - then I realized - I needed to reset the BIOS to default after the 'out-of-the-box' recovery - and on a TOSHIBA you do that by holding F2 before, and while you power on, simply reset to default, f10 save/exit - restart - and you comp will go past the screen and start re installing all of the drivers/windows stuff. Hope this helps... saved me a MONTH of no computer. People seem to think its the BIOS Update 2.80 but its not - even if you have 2.6 or earlier the Microsoft update will still cause the freeze (the bios update is to stop this, but I wouldn't mess with it, Im not even updating any of the windows updates til I know for sure it wont destroy my computer - I'M NOT YOUR THETA TESTER - ASSHOLES - You can't send me an update that is 'critical and important' that destroys the computers functionality...