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Toshiba Satellite freezes on boot up.

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Toshiba's are WEIRD. Unlike EVERY OTHER COMPUTER IN THE WORLD.... You need to hold the key BEFORE you start/power on your computer - ESPECIALLY for the BIOS - it's like they didn't even want you to be able to access it or something... Oh btw - if you use the EMS Win 7 Reset I mentioned - YOU NEED TO HAVE THE POWER ADAPTER IN BEFORE YOU START! just an FYI. Learned all this after HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS on the phone with, Toshiba, The Repair Depot, Staples Warranty Center, Windows/Microsoft AND the only person who had any REAL helpful information was my dad (and the manager of the repair depo, who said - look man - I'm just going to do this in two seconds and send it back to you LOL) who just google'd it - and happens to be an IT guy so I know all the little tricks/tips to get something to work. Everyone else just apologized and said send it to be fixed *facepalm* Seriously - NEVER again will I buy Toshiba EVER EVER EVER' Any time I call them they try everything humanly possible to place the blame upon you, so they don't have to honor their warranty..I'm even considering going Linux or Mac - I'm done wtih all these bugs and problems with Windows, and with the major changes that are gonna shock people with Windows 8 (im iiifffyy about it... why make a computer more like a hard to use tablet or smart phone >:O) I'm a musician - I can't mess around like that with my lifeblood...Anyone know if Reaper and FL studio run on mac or linux cause if so I'm out - this is the last straw...